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Clinicair air quality specialists are dedicated to helping Canadians lead happier, healthier lives indoors.

In today’s tightly sealed buildings, the air at home and work usually can create or worsen problems. While the air outside is constantly being cleansed by nature using the natural processes of rain, wind and the sun’s ultraviolet energy the air indoors is trapped, allowing dust, humidity and potentially harmful substances to gather.

Excessive dust accumulation on surfaces, visible mould growth, itching or burning eyes, skin irritation, nasal congestion, dry throats, and coughs, wheezing and shortness of breath can all be signs of poor indoor air quality (IAQ).

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Residential Duct Cleaning

The 10 Step

Clinicair’s exclusive Stormtech 2100 vehicle delivers a cyclone of power! With heavy duty German screw compressors, creating a virtual vortex of power to muscle out dirt, dust, mould and debris.

Before your technician does anything at your home, he uses our Clinicair ℞ Tablet to share photos ­­with you and write a preliminary prescription.

The Clinicair Red Carpet Treatment ensures that there is no damage toyour home throughout our extensive cleaning process.

While cleaning the ventilation system, Clinicair uses the IQAir Air Purifier to reduce airborne particulate matter including dust and pollen.

Clinicair connects into both the ventilation supply and return lines to ensure maximum power throughout the HVAC system.

Clinicair uses specially developed tools to clean the ventilation system, then hand washes every register vent with Benefect Botanical Disinfectant.

Approved by Health Canada for forced air systems, Clinicair uses all-natural Benefect to sanitize and remove any mould in the entire system.

To further reduce dust and mould and reduce the incidence of asthma, Clinicair then vacuum cleans the home’s floor surfaces.

Clinicair technicians clean all the air flow components of your furnace and air conditioning system.

Seeing is believing… you know the highest standards of Indoor Air Quality are maintained, using the Clinicair ℞ Tablet your technician gives you the final report with photos showing what was done.


What customers said about us

"I have a couple of rental properties and after doing some renovations we needed to have the air duct work cleaned. Clinicair came out, were super professional and did a good job, I will call them back when we need the other property done. No dust, no fuss."

Brad Averhill

"Great Experience with this company, clean and excellent services Thank You"

M. Duncan

"Excellent experience with this company. Excellent service, professional and they simply know what they are doing. Through my experience it is evident they have an expertise in their field and always put their customer needs first"

A. Teli


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We’ve made our homes and buildings so energy efficient that dust, humidity, volatile organic compounds and hidden gases are trapped indoors. And unless treated properly and regularly, the air you breathe becomes a reservoir for dirt and potentially dangerous contaminants.